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"Pennsylvania Paragliding has devoted itself full time to promoting the sport in the Northeast. They continue to maintain and secure flying sites, meet with local aviation authorities and air traffic control. They assure students and accomplished pilots alike have a variety of choices for flying sites. Their devotion to the students is exceptional. I am by profession a pilot and one of Pennsylvania Paragliding students. I own a private charter company operating corporate jets. I thought I knew most everything about flying, weather and safety, well, i was wrong. They have made me aware of many things I had never considered and have made me a better all around pilot. They also spends a significant amount of time away from the mountain and in a classroom, with ground training, weather, safety training and reserve packing classes. The knowledge and enthusiasm they pass on to the students and fellow pilots is invaluable. You won't find any other school who is a better ambassador for the sport of paragliding and devoted to passing on their knowledge."
Charles Strong
East Coast Jets Owner / Pilot
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