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Take advantage of the great rates we get at the hotel. We might even be able to help you pair up with somebody to split a room or the cost of the car rental.

Come for a long weekend 3 days or for the week.

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Personalized Coaching includes:

Radio communication

Flying one on one in constant radio contact helping you climb is a valuable experience. This type of personalized training makes learning fast and easy.

Learn to use the speed bar

We’ll discuss using your speed bar to extend your flights. Speed bar is designed for more than just getting you out of a tight spot. After this class you’ll realize how important speed bar is when going X-C.

Fly with your instructor

Flying as a group you can see where the lift is and stay up longer and learn how and when to transition from one thermal to the next.

We also offer an optional Tandem flight with Terry Bono ($100 extra). Flying with an experienced X-C pilot, in thermic conditions can dramatically improve your flying skills.

Master flying the flat lands

With our computer program we can analyze your flights 3-D. Play back your days flight to find out what you doing and how to improve.

Spring fling info:

  • Dates: April 26th – May 1st; for the long weekend pilots: April 24th, 25th and 26th
  • Spring fling Fees: $450 includes tows, XC retrievals, scoring, t-shirt, awards, prize money and awards dinner; earth
  • Lodging: The La Belle inn
  • X-C and thermal training class: Pennsylvania Paragliding $60 per day


Contact us if you have any questions or to reserve a spot.

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