P1 – $750

 PG1 Certification

The P1 Package includes beginning ground and flight training It includes usage of school grounds and school equipment. It includes 2-3 days of training and the student should be prepared to move on to the P2 training by the end of this course. The P1 rating is for instructional purposes only. There are no P1 flying sites in the U.S. Thus, to be considered a rated pilot and fly solo the student needs to earn the P2 rating.

P2 – $1,545

 PG2 Certification

This course provides the expertise and knowledge needed for you to fly confidently on your own. You will learn about the equipment, kitting, launching, landing, equipment maintenance and weather. After completion you will have the skills necessary to easily fly with confidence, able to make your own decisions, fly safe and be able to expand your experience at the same time.

P1 + P2 – $1,895

 PG1 + PG2 Certification

Sign up for the P1 and P2 Certification together and save $400!

SILVER – $2,595

 Executive Silver PG2 Certification

This personalized 5 day program is more for the individual that wants to get a license as soon as possible. Learn on a smaller group (no more than 5 people). You’ll get more air time than is possible during a crowed weekend session. Weekdays only.

GOLD – $3,995

 Executive Gold PG2 Certification

This intensive course is designed with the VIP in mind (no more than 2 people). Our staff focuses on the needs of those individuals looking to get their license in a timely manner. This intensive 5 day course caters to the needs of the executive:

“The staff of Pennsylvania Paragliding are great, as a new paraglider pilot or even a tandem ride visitor you become a part of the family, learning this sport is made fun beyond words. It is an experience I have recommended to several friends.”

Joseph P.

March 2016

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